A service we provide is clearing over-grown yards, fields and various
properties.  A Bush-Hog is an attachment used on a tractor designed to
cut taller grass, weeds, bushes and smaller trees. The term
"Bush-Hogging" refers to cutting or mowing of these overgrown areas that
are often found on vacant lots, fields and unused property.  

Under most circumstances, homeowner mowers cannot cut grass that
has gotten 8+ inches tall.  These mowers are not designed to handle the
load on the blade spindle bearings, motor, and belt mechanisms.  
Attempting cutting overgrown areas with a homeowner mower often
results in damaged equipment and costly repairs.

Investors often get their properties "Bush-Hogged" several times a year
instead of mowing because it's often much more cost effective versus
keeping the property cut weekly with mowers.